Visit Keith’s stand at Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan for certified organic produce—fresh from Keith's Farm!

Every Wednesday and Saturday, late May through late December
7:00 am – 7:00 pm (closing time may be earlier in winter)
Wednesday location: Union Square West & 15th Street
Saturday location: Union Square North (17th Street) near Park Avenue
More info: Union Square Greenmarket

Seasonal offerings include:
tomatoes • potatoes • carrots • summer and winter squash • beans • peas • lettuces • escarole • broccoli • Asian greens • garlic • other root crops • other greens (including five different kinds of kale) • a variety of culinary herbs • and more!

Praise for Keith's Produce:

“Keith’s Farm grows garlic from another planet compared with the stuff in supermarkets.”

New York Times

“The most soulful garlic on Earth.”

Time Out New York

“Most growers of garlic, be they weekend dabblers or for-profit players like myself, soon learn that they have entered into a relationship with a plant that will not be easily cast off. Garlic’s attributes are such that, once smitten by the garlic bug, many growers develop a lifelong attachment. Often, our passion for Allium sativum goes well beyond its wondrous culinary, medicinal, and curative properties. For me, it is the plant itself that is most remarkable: its stately appearance in the field, its fascinating life cycle and growth habit, its hardiness, its ancient lineage, the way it comports itself in this world.”

—from “A Garlic Affair”